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Friday, November 23, 2007

The photographer’s aims are to show how taking a photograph in black and white emphasises an object’s texture and how not using colour allows the eye to focus on the other elements of the photograph. The audience is very wide because it could appeal to anyone with an interest in photography, black and white photography, art or even food. From the fine art perspective, I believe that the image successfully communicates the photographer’s aims and intentions. This photograph could be used for many different reasons. It could be a documentary image but it could be seen as fine art because the patterns and composition. In this photograph we see a slimy squid on top of the contrasting texture of the harsh ice, which accentuates how smooth and round the pattern is on the squid. It conveys the message that sometimes objects in life are much more interesting than one might have first thought. I don’t believe that this image has been staged, and I don’t believe that it has been manipulated a great deal. It may have been edited on Photoshop, but only to change the colours to black and white and to crop the image. However, it could have been taken with black and white settings or film and therefore not manipulated at all. I really like this image; however I do feel that it would look better in colour. Although that goes against the photographer’s aims and intentions, I feel that there isn’t a lot of contrast between the light and dark tones and the use of vibrant colours would make the picture much more exciting. Or even the use of pale, pastel colours could work very well too because it would reflect the cold atmosphere in the picture. This image reminds me of exotic seafood counters in delis.

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